Excited author (je suis très heureuse)

Oh boy!

My lovely agent Caroline told me that the Threads French cover was out and tried to send it to me so I could see it, but my firewall said ‘no’. So that was that, for a while.

Then my lovely agent Caroline said I could try looking on the fnac website, which is here.

So I did.

And it looks like this:

To say that I am thrilled doesn’t begin to cover it. I LOVE THIS COVER!

I like to think of this girl as a cross between all my characters, with Crow’s hair and tutu, Nonie’s socks and smile, Jenny’s blushes and Edie’s … (looks closely for something Edie-like) … er, Edie’s stripey tee-shirt. (Close enough.)

What this cover captures perfectly for me is the fun of the book and the joy of making things. It is very slightly reminiscent of the bibbety-bobbety-boo dress-making scene in the original Disney Cinderella, and I like the reference. I love the combination of real and drawn objects. If I was a pre-teen or young teenager, I would leap on this book. And even as an adult I’d give it a second and third look.

Yay, Hachette! Merci pour ma belle couverture. J’aime beaucoup!


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