Writing tips

This week promises to be a bit mad. It includes going to the photoshoot for Jewel’s winning dress in Bliss magazine and meeting up with my editor in a gorgeous London hotel (in the lobby for an hour at teatime, guys – and she chose the hotel, not me, although golly I would have if I’d thought of it).

Plus I have to keep writing book 3. As much as I possibly can. So I probably won’t get to blog as much as I’d like. Therefore, to keep you going, here is are some tips.

As someone who writes quite a bit (yay yay yay Ilovemyjobsomuch) I quite often get asked for writing tips. Thank you, kind people, for asking. Anyway, to save time and trouble, I’ve put a load of them onto a page in the ‘About me’ bit, at the top of the right-hand margin on the main page.

And if you can’t be bothered to look for them there (understandable – life is short), they’re here.

Hope you like.


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