The ‘Dressing Up’ competition winner

And now …. and I’m sorry this took so long but the posts have been piling up … I can proudly announce the winner of the ‘Dressing Up’ (design an outfit for your favourite character and I’ll put it in book 3) competition.

This isn’t the competition that Jewel won. It’s a different one. (It’s competition city round here.) In case you’ve forgotten the details, I described them in this blog.

I’ve had some great entries and the competition has produced some unexpected side effects. It’s made me realise how closely you’ve read the book (you lovely people!), and how well you understand the characters, and how vivid your imaginations are – and therefore how much I need to raise my game. Scary!

Favourite characters to dress were Nonie (my madcap narrator), Jenny (my reluctant red-carpet actress character) and Crow (my designer). Nobody wanted to dress poor Edie, my pretty, academic character with a slightly-boring-minor-royal dress sense. Can’t imagine why.

It’s been a tough judging process, and can I say – to reassure you and also because it’s true – that I really enjoyed every entry. They were all good. I loved the fact that you’d thought about the accessories, and the colours, and the inspiration, and even how the tricky bits were going to be attached to the main part of the outfit. Above all, every outfit was appropriate for the girl wearing it.

I ended up with a runner-up and a winner. My runner-up is Martha Ford, age 11. This is because Martha’s outfit for Jenny is so right that I’ve actually already included something very like it in a key scene in book 3. Look out for Jenny on the steps, Martha!

And the winner is …

But first of all, how did I pick her?

Well, I have a feeling we might have met on my International Book Tour last year, but that’s not why I picked her at all. I picked her because what she suggested was unexpected, but totally in character for the wearer. Because it had very unusual details and I was really cross I hadn’t thought of them myself. Because it not only referred to the wearer, but also her home life and her family.

I loved Nonie’s skirt that used to be a best tablecloth, the bag made out of her brother’s unwanted CDs and above all, the belt made out of her brother’s bicycle chain (‘cleaned!’). The licorice bracelet with polo mints threaded on was a nice touch too.

Congratulations, Rachel (11) from Bramhall. I have no idea, yet, where and when (and why) Nonie will wear this outfit, but I’m looking forward to fitting it in. A worthy winner. And if I run out of inspiration later on in the writing process, I know who to call.


3 thoughts on “The ‘Dressing Up’ competition winner

  1. Congrats to both the runner-up and winner!

    And in reply to your comment Sophia – I am completely fine with the link up there, it is good for some more advertisement, as you say! 😀 Thank you so much for putting my link up there, I really appreciate it ❤

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