The best day ever

Jewel (see last post) has very kindly sent in her account of her prizewinning day. And here it is.

‘OK. breath. best day of my life so far(yes, that about sums it up)but I’ll say a bit more than that. Where to start? i’ll  start with homework(yes homework)on the train for two hours and finally after lots of are we their yet? from my part we arrived at Paddington station.

We then took the tube to the v and a and sat down with Sophia Bennett and Mary Byrne which was totally amazing (so was her dress by the way). So we sat down and talked about being an amazing author over juice and coffee(my juice, her coffee) after this we took a taxi too the fashion show where we saw…TWIGGY and SIENNA MILLER!!!!!!!!!

The show was gobbsmacking, amazing, fantastic so inspiring, just WOW after the show(why did it have to end?) we went outside and met street photographer and all around nice guy Scott Schuman so cool, really talented.

Then after a long idontwanttogotomuchofagreatday kind of goodbye I went off to get lost on oxford street and spend  some of my tammy vouchers.

On the train I home I felt sad (and not just because I had loads of homework)that the day was over but all around I had the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!’

Thank you very much, Jewel. It was fun, wasn’t it?


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