Today I am loving …

Today I received some copies of my first edition of Threads in a foreign language. When I was writing the story I imagined many, many things (the copies in my local bookshop, the film, in some unhinged moments even the branded pencil cases …) but I never pictured the book being translated. At all. How rubbish is my imagination? And to think I rely on it for a living …

Anyway. It’s out in Norway, as I may have mentioned. It has a great translator and enthusiastic publishers and the hardback is simply beautiful. Also, 5 krone from every copy go to Save the Children. Here it is.

Recently I received a wonderful present from Angela Thurston, who made my dress for my launch party last year. It’s a printed silk scarf that makes not only my wardrobe but the whole house look more chic and up to date. Thanks, Angela!

For Valentine’s Day, I forced my husband to buy me Balenciaga’s new perfume, Paris. We’d been out with the children in Harvey Nichols (very good Yo Sushi on the 5th floor/impressive exam results to celebrate) and their famous windows were displaying nothing but bottles of this perfume. It worked! I love the bottle – it looks like the sort of thing a Victorian collector and part-time alchemist would have lying about. And I loved the perfume too. It’s supposed to smell of the start of spring. It doesn’t remotely remind me of spring in any form. Maybe I don’t go around smelling violets enough in March and April. But it smells yummy anyway. My husband also, very kindly, bought me other things. The grey tights, while very useful, are sadly unphotogenic though. And this blog is not appropriate for the thing in the black box with pink tissue wrapping. But that was much appreciated too.

Finally, I am loving the fact that I’m off to the V&A on Sunday to meet Jewel, the winner of the Threads fashion competition and accompany her to a show at London Fashion Week. Which one? My lips are sealed. More next week …


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