Smiley author face

It was Threads launch day in Norway today and I’ve been excited all day, thinking about it.

It’s been a busy day. Half term holidays. Two boys to entertain. Took the nine year-old to see Astro Boy (much better than the critics make out) in what looks like a scout hut in Wells. It reminded me of seeing films in the Seventies, in a similar scout hut in Hong Kong. There is something magical about seeing a very big film in a very small space.

Back at my parents’ place, internet access was working intermittently. I think the signals struggle to make it through the Somerset weather systems. So it took me a while to catch up with my emails and it was nearly tea-time before I found out that …

Threads SOLD OUT in Norway today!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right. Got launched. Sold out. Same day. How can that happen? What does it actually mean? Not sure. Like it, though.

And, meanwhile, Threads has been SOLD TO JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!

The bits of me that are left over from being excited about Norway are now excited about Japan.

I told the boys. One of them was deeply into Charlie and Lola. The other was busy waiting for the computer so he could go on Club Penguin. They weren’t as impressed as I hoped.

But I am, nevertheless, happy.

As you can probably imagine.

It’s a bit strange, because in my head the girls have moved on four years and are busy having adventures in book 3, but I’m sure if they could have read the emails over my shoulder they would have been thrilled to look back on their lucky, happy earlier lives and like me, they would be thinking


*smiley author face*


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