La vie est un conte de filles

You guessed it! (You regular blog reader.) Threads in another language! And not any old other language, but one I actually speak!

Here are the things I like about ‘La vie est un conte de filles’.

  1. The title. It’s beautiful. It’s a play on words (good). It’s got a hint of ‘conte de feé’ (fairy tale) about it. Very good.
  2. The translator. I haven’t met or spoken to her yet, but her name is Aude Lemoine. How cool is that? For some reason, all my translators have cool names, like I specified it or something. I don’t remember doing it, but maybe it’s in the smallprint somewhere.
  3. It exists!!!! Well, it will from April. Yay!!!! Threads in French!!!! C’est manifique, c’est formidable, c’est chouette, c’est super.
  4. It’s published by Hachette. In my student days I bought many, many a French novel and I always particularly loved the Hachette ones. *happy author face*
  5. It’s on the Fnac website. Fnac has always been one of my favourite French shops. Like a cross between HMV and Waterstones. In a good way. Even just the word Fnac, and the way you have to struggle a bit with the consonants to say it. J’adore.

Here’s the start of the blurb:

‘Nonie baigne dans le milieu de la mode depuis sa plus tendre enfance. Jenny est actrice. Eddie écrit un blog dédié aux nombreuses causes qu’elle défend. Ces trois amies improbables vont venir en aide à Crow, une jeune fille de douze ans originaire d’Ouganda et réfugiée à Londres …’

I mean, it says things like ‘depuis sa plus tendre enfance’ and ‘ces trois amies improbables’ and even ‘Ouganda’ – pure poetry! Can’t wait to read the real thing.

One slight surprise. The remainder of the blurb includes a major, and I mean MAJOR, plot spoiler. But perhaps that’s deliberate. After all, France is another country. They do things differently there.


One thought on “La vie est un conte de filles

  1. Hey Sophia,
    Just read your comment # 2 which made me laugh. 🙂
    We should connect. What do you think?
    I hope this message finds you, Crow, Jenny, Nonnie and Eddie well.
    Take care,
    your devoted translator

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