Teaser Tuesday #2

So, about those extracts …

I am currently reading ‘Summer Secrets’, the second in the ‘Amy Green Teen Agony Queen’ series by Sarah Webb. I’m reading it because it’s funny and real and has wonderful, complex, life-affirming characters and it makes me feel like I’m on holiday on the West coast of Ireland, which is no bad place to be.

I’m not reading it because I happen to be going on a mini-tour with Sarah and another writer called Judi Curtin in October (YAY YAY YAY!!!!) and I’ll be spending 3 days in Ireland talking about nothing but books, music, girls, clothes, music, books … you get the general idea.

Here’s the bit of Summer Secrets I’m on now:

‘Clover whistles under her breath and pokes me in the side to get my attention. “Would you look at Dr McSteamy over there?”

“Which one?” I stare over at the band.

Him. Hubba-hubba. Must be the new lead guitar.”

Clover is staring at a tall, muscular boy with a tattoo of a skull on his hand. He’s adjusting the strings of his guitar. “I do like a tasty Indi boy. Hubba-hubba,” she says again. “He can tighten my strings any time.” She gives a dirty laugh.’

Clover is every teenage girl’s perfect aunt. Young, trendy, loyal, unshockable and with an irrepressible sense of humour. I’ve mentally adopted her. She’s mine, OK? She’s mine …


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