Teaser Tuesday #1

I’m not remotely an expert on this, but I gather from bloggers younger and wiser than me that there’s a bit of a tradition of posting up extracts from work you’re writing and/or reading on a Tuesday. Well, it beats actually having to think of something original, so I shall do both.

But before I do, here’s another teaser. Barry Cunningham (head of Chicken House and therefore as close to a boss as I’ll ever have as a writer) has tweeted (he’s @barrychicken if you’re interested) that he’s chosen the shortlist for the 2010 Times/Chicken House children’s fiction competition and informed the winners. Some of whom cried. And one of whom was so disbelieving that Barry had to call him/her back. So hopefully they’ll be announced in the Times soon. Keep a lookout.

In 2008 the inaugural competition was won by Emily Diamand with Reavers Ransom, later retitled Flood Child. This book was sold to 18 countries and given to 55,000 11 year-olds as part of the Booked Up programme. The sequel is out in August.

In 2009 the competition was won by a very lucky aspiring writer from Wandsworth. Wonder what happened to her.

Extracts coming shortly. Watch this space.


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