Those fashion competition winners in full …

Ta daaa!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well, lots of you, anyway. And quite rightly. Hundreds of you entered the Threads fashion competition, to design a dress to be made by Tammy and featured in Bliss. As I announced earlier, the winner was Jewel Simpfendorfer. Go Jewel! But I have finally got the full list of second place, highly commended and runners up. I’ve posted all the names on the threadsthebook website, here.

Well done, all of you. We loved your designs and the work you put into presenting them. We’ll be showing the designs on the threadsthebook website soon. And meanwhile, Jewel’s dress is in the process of being made by Tammy and will be featured in the June issue of Bliss, which comes out in the third week of April. (That’s right, June editions can come out in April – that’s fashion publishing.)

Look out for it. Guess who’ll be buying the first copy!

And Jewel, I can’t wait to see you at the V&A in February to discuss YOUR DRESS and YOUR VISIT TO LONDON FASHION WEEK!



9 thoughts on “Those fashion competition winners in full …

    • Thank you to all of you who entered and I know it’s tough not to win (there have been soooo many writing competitions I haven’t won, or even got a mention in …), but it was a great competition thanks to all of you. xxx

  1. well done everyone who entered, i know its a shame not to win its kinda like playing a game or playing sports and not winning but its fun just entering. GO RUNNERS UP !!

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