They tell me …

OK, guys – Thursday. That’s what they tell me. Full list on Thursday. That’s when the fashion comp organisers are back from PARIS and MILAN and all the other fashion places they have to go to to do they’re fashion thing. I’m not promising, because stuff happens … but I’m promising I’ll try. Watch this space on Thursday. I know what it’s like to wait (it was ew) so I’ll make it as short as I can.


7 thoughts on “They tell me …

  1. πŸ˜€ yay! ( lol ihmn67 on6e of those people :-\ is that bad? 😦
    When will that bliss magazine be out and where can i get it from?

  2. oops sorry about my last comment i spilt water on the keyboard and it was playing up its better now!

    anyway.ihmn67 meant to be im and on6e was one !
    sorry 😦

  3. Hi Anna. No problem – glad your keyboard’s better. Good point about Bliss magazine. I’m not sure, is the answer. I think April or May. I’ll check tomorrow when I go and sign manuscripts of book 2 for the winner and runners up. If I remember. Memory not perfect, unless I write things on my hand, so fingers crossed. (I try not to go to meetings with things written on my hand. It looks bad.) xxx

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