Nonie lever og ånder for mote

Nonie lever og ånder for mote. Edie planlegger å redde verden. Jenny har fått en rolle i en Hollywood-film. Først når de tre bestevenninnene treffer en yngre flyktningjente som kaller seg Crow, har rosa alvevinger og tegner kjoler, får de en sjanse til å utrette noe virkelig fantastisk – og til å virkeliggjøre drømmene.

How cool is this? Threads in Norwegian! With a translation by the truly wonderful Cecilie Winger (whose name I’m definitely borrowing for a future book).

My first translation. My first foreign edition.


(And if you’re still on tenterhooks, waiting for the announcement of the runners-up in the Tammy fashion competition, I haven’t forgotten, promise! I’ll post the names the minute I have the full, properly-spelled list and the go-ahead from the organising team.)

(And if you’re still thinking about entering the Dressing Up ‘describe an outfit for your favourite character’ competition, it’s open for another week, so GET ON WITH IT! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.)

(And if you’re wondering what to read at the moment, try Flyaway by Lucy Christopher – a fellow Chicken House author. Everyone’s talking about it. I’m desperate for my copy to arrive. Or, of course – if you speak Norwegian – Cecilie’s translation of Threads …)


4 thoughts on “Nonie lever og ånder for mote

  1. How amazing is that?

    Like the sound of Flyaway, it’s on my list along with Pretty Bad Things
    and of course Beads, Boys and Bangles…

    So many books, so little bank balance.

  2. Thank you as always, Justine. I LOVED this review! Beautifully and feistily written. (And it bodes well for my book 4 ideas, so yay there.) But I’m half way through Shiver and I’m still enjoying it. Maybe it’s because I’m so busy with my family/job/life that I don’t have time for heroines with hobbies. I like the one-dimensionality of the book – really! – and Sam has great eyes. And at least he doesn’t shove Grace against walls on a regular basis, unlike the hero of the last paranormal book I tried (also a bestseller), which I abandoned in chapter 3. Therejectionist would have had a field day with that one …

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