Strictly Hollywood and Strictly Writing

Whereas the most searched-for words on my blog used to be ‘Emma Watson Burberry’ (there must be literally hundreds of people every day looking for stuff about Emma in her trench coats), Emma is gradually moving aside in favour of Carey Mulligan. Go Carey!

Carey in Vionnet at the launch of An Education in Leciester Square

So for all you Carey fans who, like me, are watching with bated breath as she goes up for EVERY AWARD IN THE UNIVERSE, and is consistently nominated alongside SANDRA BULLOCK and MERYL STREEP, here’s a link to a nice little article about her in the Daily Mail, which is full of useful facts (I assume they’re facts; for once I didn’t spot any glaring errors) – even if they do lose the plot half way through and call her Carey Milligan.

I’ve decided I’m borrowing her hairstyle for Jenny in book 3. Look out for it.

Meanwhile, I’ve been leading my own life in the media spotlight. By which I mean I’ve done an interview for Strictly Writing, which was great fun to write and might give you an insight into how I try and put those books together.

Which reminds me. Must get on with book 3. Because my childminder – who is MUCH better connected than me – is off to Hollywood to stay with a certain up and coming actress for a few days, and I have to take advantage of every child-free moment I’ve got.


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