Dressing Up (the competition)

Well, it’s been exciting.

People have been rushing through snow and over ice to make it to the post office in time. They’ve been madly emailing to check whether the deadline could be extended a bit to take into account ‘serious adverse weather conditions’, or ‘only just finding out about it’. I’ve been madly emailing my lovely publisher, Rachel, to check. (She said yes, of course. As I said, she’s lovely.) The pile of entries has been growing. Soon the judges will gather to look at the best entries and choose a winner, who will get … all the stuff I said last time. And it’s a lot of stuff. Really. Loads.

But now the Threads fashion competition is officially over (unless your entry is still in the post, in which case Rachel my lovely publisher will yada yada yada).

Meanwhile, the people who didn’t make it in time, or were too young to enter, have been desperate to know if there is going to be another competition as good as that one. And the answer is, I don’t know. Of course, I’d love there to be, but it was  pretty incredible , so it would be asking a lot. All I can say is, watch this space.

But because it’s the new year and I quite like the sound of 2010. And because I have a box full of copies of the hardback of Threads which is, as I may have mentioned before, GORGEOUS. And because you asked and I like you. And because other bloggers have done it and I’m nothing if not good at copying …

I’m launching a competition of my own. Dressing Up: The Sophia Bennett Inaugural ‘Design An Outfit For Your Favourite Character’ competition. And here’s how it goes.

  • You decide who your favourite character is in Threads (preferably not somebody incredibly minor who’s unlikely to be ever seen again – you’ll see why in a minute).
  • You describe an outfit that they might wear in less than 200 words.
  • You go to the threadsthebook website and email me the description from there. The emails come straight to me, I promise. (Somebody once asked if I had a PR who dealt with them for me. I wish.)
  • I read through the descriptions and choose my favourite outfit.
  • The winner gets a signed hard copy of Threads AND (drum roll …)
  • I include their outfit – subject to a bit of rewording as required – in book 3 of the series, which I’m writing at the moment.

Ta Daaah!!!

For obvious reasons, please don’t dress them up as a deep sea diver/ballroom dancer/high wire act/weightlifter or anything that might make plotting over-difficult (although if I have to include a fancy dress party, I might: I like a challenge).

The deadline is 31 January.

There are no age restrictions, but only one outfit per person please, as I’m trying to write book 3 at the moment, as I say, and if I spend all the time on email it’s going to be rather shorter than we’d all like.

I’ve probably forgotten loads of essential terms and conditions, but if you think of any, just let me know by commenting here.

Er, I think that’s it. Have fun, people.

The hardback edition - nice, huh?

(*Goes off grinning into the distance, thinking ‘Phew, one less outfit to make up. Should shave a few seconds off writing the first draft.’*)


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