My three year-old discovered Thunderbirds this Christmas. We’ve watched every episode about 4 times and Ricochet (RICK … O’Shea!!!) about 20. He loves Thunderbird 2 and Brains (‘the little boy with the glasses’) but isn’t sure about Thunderbird 5 (why?) and Lady Penelope.

Anyway, as a result he can now count down from 5 with amazing accuracy and he can therefore help me with the countdown to …

The Threads Fashion Competition.

Which ends on Monday, which means that if you’ve entered, I hope your design is in the post, at least, if not in the ever-increasing pile on my publisher’s desk. Can’t wait to see them! I’m not sure when we’re doing the judging exactly, but one of the prizes is to go to London Fashion Week (yes, really) in February, so we can’t afford to hang around too long.

GOOD LUCK all of you who entered, and especially those of you who wrote to me about it. And I hope it’s given you the designing bug and you’re busy creating loads of wonderful, never-seen-before outfits that will one day change the face of fashion. Or just enjoying dressing up a little.

It was the most incredible competition. How often do you get the chance to have your design PROFESSIONALLY MADE (by Tammy at BHS) and PHOTOGRAPHED (for Bliss Magazine), and to see a proper catwalk show and meet a real-live author (er …. me)? Lots of people have asked me if it will be run again, and the answer is – I don’t know. But I will certainly tell you here who’s won, and when to look out for the winning outfit in Bliss.

Meanwhile, book 2 (Beads, Boys and Bangles) has made it onto Amazon with a cover and everything. You can’t buy it yet, so you’ll just have to admire it from afar. (But it’s good, I promise.)

That’s it for now. Soooooo many Christmas presents to find homes for around the house (which is not large; this is a major challenge).

Thunderbirds are GO.


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