Shhhh … secret preview of BB&B

I don’t think I’m supposed to do this yet but …. I got the cover proof of book 2 today and I’m so pleased with it I wanted to share it with you.

That tricky second novel

The book’s been through a few titles. The trouble is, the delicate perfection of Threads (I’m sorry, but I was SO HAPPY when I thought of that one) doesn’t lend itself to short, snappy sequel titles. I suggested a few. Chicken House suggested a few. We went with one of theirs, which I liked, but then they changed their minds and asked for more ideas. MORE IDEAS, I tell you! Do they think I’m MADE of ideas? (Actually, I hope they do.)

Anyway, I was finishing the book off and I thought of Beads, Boys and Bangles, all of which play a part in the story, though not necessarily in that order. So that’s what it is.

The dress is by Tanielle Lobo, whom I met at Central St Martins at her degree show, and who’s launching her career in fashion. Good luck, Tanielle! Loving the dress!

The braid from book 1 has been replaced by edging with a more Indian theme. There’s a reason for that …

Anyway, I’m pleased. I like it. I hope I’m allowed to give you this sneak preview. Tell no-one. But tell me what you think.


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