Good Times, bad times

I had a philosophical argument with my eight year-old today, on our way into Planet 51 (which is OK, by the way. Eight year-old loved it. I’d rather have seen Up, but it’s not a week away from my birthday). We popped into the Waterstones next to our local cinema in Wandsworth and I made the major (but frequent) error of checking for Threads. There were 2 hardbacks in the 9-12 section (where I wonder whether anyone will be able to afford them) and no paperbacks at all.

This made me sad. I’ve met quite a few boys and girls recently who were looking forward to reading my book. And thanks to The Times (see below), there may be one or two more. But if they go into this Waterstones to buy a copy, they won’t find one. There’s one copy on order, apparently. This made me sad too.

But my eight year-old, the optimist today, said I should be pleased that the copies that used to be there were sold. ‘Would you rather have no copies there because everyone’s bought them, or lots of copies on the shelves because nobody’s bought them?’

There is no answer to this. THANK GOD FOR MY FAMILY. Thanks to my son, I was able to give Planet 51 my full attention, because I didn’t want to get dizzy by thinking about Waterstones anymore.

However, that was the bad bit. The good bit was the amazing Amanda Craig, who some of you may know is already top of my Christmas card list. She included Threads in her recommendations for children’s books for Christmas in The Times. Not that I know it off by heart or anything, but my favourite bit was ‘entrancing debut’. THANK YOU AMANDA YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

Pre-Christmas resolutions:

  1. Cut out Times Christmas books section and keep in the memorabilia file in the shed.
  2. Stop going into bookshops and looking for your own book, woman. You will go INSANE. And it’s not why you wrote it in the first place.
  3. Get writing those Christmas cards soonish, so you don’t end up sending them on December 24th, like you usually do, and make sure Amanda Craig gets a good one.
  4. Listen to the voice of the eight year-old. He makes sense.

7 thoughts on “Good Times, bad times

  1. Sophia, I suggest you come and live with me, immediately – that way neither of us will have a clue how our books are doing and we can write in peace. Bring the family. We’ll rent UP, it’s great.

    Emily x

  2. Perfect plan! You get to do the kitchen design. We’re packing our bags immediately. Seafront property, please. (Melbourne IS by the sea, isn’t it? My geography is as bad as Nonie’s.) xxx

  3. Saw UP on the plane on way back from Maldives at weekend. Definitely watch it. Has a wonderful ‘thread’ running through it about letting go and moving on – perhaps letting go of checking out chart positions and bookshop shelves in your case…….. Be warned though, I had to stifle a few sobs, I didn’t want all the other passengers staring at me.

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