Now you see me …

The Sophia Bennett international book tour of 2009 is about to start (international in the sense that it includes Wales). It probably doesn’t go down in history as the world’s largest tour, but it involves lots of train travel and meeting girls (and the occasional boy?) who’ve enjoyed Threads, and I think it’s perfect.

So, if you live in or near Colchester, Cardiff or the West Midlands, look out for me here … and here … and here …

Tuesday 17 November – Colchester

St Mary’s School, Colchester. I’ll be talking to years 7, 8 and 9. MY VERY FIRST SCHOOL VISIT (other than as a parent, obviously. Or a schoolgirl.) I think they’re nearly as excited as I am.

Tuesday 24 November – Cardiff

The Bishop of Llandaff High School, Cardiff. Years 7, 8 and 9 again … Hopefully I’ll know what I’m doing by then.

2.30 – 3.30 Borders, Cardiff. Hopefully they’ll let me sign a book or 2. If I ask nicely.

Wednesday 25 November, Dudley

Hasbury CE Primary School, Halesowen. I’ll be talking to Year 6.

Tea with children’s book magazine people. Ooh, exciting!

7 pm talk and signing at Earls High School, Halesowen. I think this is open to the public. And free! (and if you went to see Anthony Horowitz the week before it would have cost you £2! I am a bargain!)

And on 9 December I shall be visiting Simply Books, in Bramhall, near Manchester, which has just been voted the Independent Bookseller of the Year.

And if even one of the girls (or possibly boys) in the audience is as lovely as any of the people who’ve been writing to me via the Threads website, I shall be a VERY LUCKY AUTHOR and this will be THE BEST BOOK TOUR EVER!


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