Calling all fashion designers

Imagine this.

You’re aged between 11 and 16. You design your fantasy dress and enter it into a competition. It wins. (This happens sometimes. I didn’t really believe it could ever happen to me, but last year it did, when Threads won a writing competition. Sometimes people win. It’s AMAZING.)

You get all of this:

  • Your dress made by the design team at Tammy (who work for Bhs, a sister store of Topshop), as well as a whole new outfit from Tammy
  • Your dress featuring in a photo shoot for Bliss magazine
  • A visit, with an adult of your choice (actually, probably their choice, but anyway), to London Fashion Week in February, with a behind the scenes tour
  • Tea with debut (and can I just say EXTREMELY JEALOUS?) author, Sophia Bennett at the V&A
  • Happiness, basically. Just pure fashion happiness

This is not a dream I had. This is an actual, real competition, with real judges (I’m one, yay!), real prizes and real competitors. I’m already getting emails from girls who are doing it. And by the way, boys are very welcome to do it too. Really. John Galliano’s a boy. So’s Christopher Kane. Think about it.

All the details are on the Threads website.

I haven’t really talked about it before because I’m still recovering from shock. Last summer I was inventing a fashion competition and making one of my characters enter it (it changed her life), and thinking how it would have been THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING EVER if I could have done such a thing when I was a teenager. And now they can. And I can see the results.

My publishers are making not only my dreams come true, but my stories come true too. Scary.

But in a good way.

Good luck!


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