Fancy that

Today will go down in Bennett history as a great Halloween.

This is largely because I really don’t like Halloween – or rather what it’s become, with merchandising opportunities, orange everywhere (ew), too many sweets and scary children wandering around the streets, high on E numbers, looking for trouble. But this year the eight year-old is away and I’m left with two children who are too old and sophisticated to care and one who is too young to know better (and will blame me later for all the chances he missed, but hey, that’s later and now is now).

AND tonight, for the first time ever on Halloween, my husband and I have been invited to a party, and better still, the hosts are Americans and know how to do these things properly and it’s a FANCY DRESS party. I LOVE fancy dress parties. Most of the British people I know are too cool and repressed to do fancy dress properly, but if asked nicely by Americans, I have a feeling they will make an effort, as will we.

My husband, who is six foot five, is going as a vampire, and has described his black-jacketed-white-open-necked-shirted-with-a-trickle-of-blood outfit to me and he will be gorgeous. I get the chance to wear my new sparkly Abercrombie tee-shirt and my very old Jasper Conran dinner jacket from Debenhams, and Morticia Addams hair, and I can’t wait.

So come this evening, the children will be at home watching X-Factor and the grown-ups will be out on the streets, in their fancy dress, off to a party. This is Halloween as it should be. Happy days.


One thought on “Fancy that

  1. I love halloween!!!! but yep, there is wayy too much orange.. what has orange got to do with the dead being close to the living anyway? I hope you had a nice time!! i was a ghost!!

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