Good news, bad news

First the good news.

Vogue and 10 have decided to mention the Threads hardback, with its Giles Deacon cover design, on their websites.

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I simply can’t believe that, when I sat in my little library making all this stuff up last year (OK – doing lots and lots of research … but basically making up a fairy story about fashion that I wished I could have read when I was about 14) it would one day end up being talked about by Vogue. And that 10 would be inspired enough to make up their own version of Giles’s design (he’s just Giles to us, dah-lings), featuring his face. It’s beyond strange. You write a fairy tale and your own fairy tale comes true right in front of your eyes.

And I’ve just been talking to Ann Ceprynski at Matthew Williamson, and she likes book 2! And she recommended hot fashion places to visit in New York. Where I’m going next week!!!

OK, enough good news. Now for the not-so-good news.

Not doing my talk at the Hay Festival’s London weekend after all. Great shame, but these things happen. Not me pulling out and doing a diva strop, though, I promise. And won’t be at Hatchards this time. Sigh.


I will still be at Harrods, on Saturday, at 3 pm, armed with pink signing pens and wearing my neon pink tights, so if you want your very own copy of Threads with its Giles Deacon cover, AS RECOMMENDED BY VOGUE AND 10, and you don’t live on the other side of the world (sorry, Emily and Sean and FiL), and you don’t want to buy it online or at your nearest bookshop, I’d love to see you.



3 thoughts on “Good news, bad news

  1. Good for you!!!!! Vogue is like, the BEST magazine, ever, so people should deffo, be buying your book!!!!
    Aww, that is a shame, but i’m sure there’ll be other oppertunities!!!

  2. Hi Sophia – I bought this book for my 12-year-old daughter. I have to confess she can’t have it until I’ve finished. I love the book and look forward to reading the next one.

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