On reflection, I think it’s the cloak

Loving the boots

Or maybe the boots

What’s great about going to graduate shows is that you get to meet creative people who go off to exciting places to get fresh inspiration, and then send you photos to prove it.

Readers of this blog will know that I’m a fan of Angela Thurston, who made the dress I wore to my launch party and who designs bold, colourful silk fabrics that just want to make you skip around, celebrating. Angela went to Rome recently and kindly decided to share this picture of a gladiator as a memento.

Not sure what it is about it. The bootlaces? The helmet plume? The shy expression? The pink cloak? Anyway, normally I’m not exactly a gladiator person, but this gladiator was an exception.

I thought I’d pass him on, especially with Hallowe’en approaching. Happy fancy dress, everybody!

Oh, and Reader – I bought the parka. (In Selfridges, with a big yellow paper bag to prove it. Sigh happy, impoverished sigh.)


4 thoughts on “On reflection, I think it’s the cloak

  1. Hi!! I just read your book, and i love it!! (it now has pride of place on my table of “fashion inspiration” books)
    yep, i’m loving the boots too. And the bangle thingy on his wrist 🙂
    I think, that possibly, parkas are underated, no one EVER wears anything like that at school – i will set out to find a parka!!!!

  2. Hi Rachel

    So glad you love the book. Yes, the wrist thingys (cuffs?) are great too. Hadn’t noticed those, but they add to the effect. Good luck with finding a parka. I’m loving mine. Great for wearing under a backpack with my laptop in it, on the way to the library to write. xxx

  3. is the writing referring to the sequel to Threads??? PLEASE write very quickly!!!! I am DYING to read it!!!!!! if, of course, if that is to what you’re reffering to..

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