Channelling Queen Victoria

I’ve been desperate to blog about her since Fashion Week. She’s been doing her thing since she was 11, which was like, light years ago, so now she’s the grand old age of 13. And has 4 million followers. And has appeared not only at New York Fashion Week (where she was undoubtedly the star) and in Love magazine and the cover of Pop, but also in the Young Times, so you know she’s really made it.

Her name is Tavi Gevinson, better known as Style Rookie or Tavi-thenewgirlintown, and she is, without a shadow of a doubt, THE BEST FASHION BLOGGER ON THE PLANET. (see the link to her on my blogroll).

I don’t say this lightly. Or remotely patronisingly. I don’t mean ‘the best fashion blogger for a 13 year-old’, I mean ‘what are the rest of us doing even trying to write about fashion, ever, when she is the wittiest, sharpest, freshest, most on-the-ball commentator you could possibly hope for?’.

Today, she’s channelling Queen Victoria on her blog. She doesn’t seem to know she’s doing this, as QV doesn’t get a mention, which is odd, seeing that Tavi regularly spots cultural influences and connections from TWENTY YEARS BEFORE SHE WAS BORN. How does she do it? Telepathy? Osmosis? Seances?

The blog is packed with photos. Of Tavi, in her latest creations, of shows, of movie stills she finds reminiscent of the shows, of photos by the recently deceased Irving Penn – she is nothing if not current. But I’m not going to reproduce any of them here because that girl is SHARP and very attuned to people ‘borrowing’ other people’s stuff without asking. And ever so slightly scary.

If you’re remotely interested in style, creativity, good writing, teenage vocabulary, deep-seated wisdom, self-awareness, humour and great photos (oh my god – like – my whole range of professional obsessions), treat yourself to this girl. She is special. She is wonderful. She makes my ‘fairy tale’ book look like a totally normal documentary about teenage folk in London, except probably not quite hip enough. She is, along with The SartoriaList, my favourite fashion reference.

Oh, and she’s based in Chicago. One of my favourite towns.

Make that 4 million and one followers. We are amused.


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