Fashion from the back row

DSC01060So, Sophia Bennett, what was your first visit to a live London Fashion Week show actually like?

I’m so glad you asked. Very exciting to be on the edge of the in-crowd. Sooo cool to be able to saunter up to the main tent at Somerset House and hand security my gold pasteboard card and then waft inside like a real fashion person. Kept on almost bumping in to Peaches Geldof, as you do. Am I sounding all cool and fashion-blogger-y? Oh, sorry. Well, I try. Anyway, once the show started it was like Graduate Fashion Week, actually, which is in May, is available to anyone and costs a tenner a show. But you have to go to both to find that out, I guess.

What was the biggest difference?

Anna Wintour wasn’t sitting four rows in front of me at Graduate Fashion Week. And they don’t serve pre-show glasses of champagne mixed with chambord. Yum!

And the best bit?

Anna Wintour sitting four rows in front of me.

What about the clothes?

DSC01053Oh yes, those. Well, it was the Jaeger show, so cool and commercial, rather than way-out and funky. The clothes were fine, thanks. Lots of gold. Lots of skimpy tops and hardly any bottoms at all. A very lovely asymmetric red cocktail dress. All rushing up and down the catwalk at speed. Hard to take it all in. Glad I didn’t have to take notes, like a real fashion person.

And the weirdest bit?

Being interviewed by German TV afterwards. Why? Oh, and the catwalk was covered in shagpile. SHAGPILE! Which the poor, young, spindly, underweight models had to negotiate in platform wedges, at a canter. No funky posing for them. Just a careful U-turn in front of the photographers, praying not to fall over. Whoever designed the set has something against poor, young, spindly, underweight models.

You sound as though you were a bit upset by those models.

DSC01057Yes. I was. There’s a big hoo-hah about model weight (yet again) at the moment, because Mark Fast dared to use size 14-16 (ie normal) models to show off his knitwear. I’ve seen the photos and they looked fab. The poor Jaeger girls couldn’t fill out the clothes. And anyone with boobs or hips wouldn’t have a clue how they’d fit. Up to now, I gave the whole size-zero model thing the benefit of my remaining scintilla of doubt that maybe they had to be that thin to look good. They don’t.

But overall, are you glad you went?

Oh yes, thrilled. I can finally have an informed opinion on underweight models. And shagpile. And the model of engineering perfection that is Anna Wintour’s auburn bob. And the deliciousness of champagne mixed with chambord. And I can keep the gold pasteboard invitation to show my grandchildren.

Will you be buying anything from Jaeger?

Possibly. But I’d have to try it on first, to see what on earth it really looks like.

Thank you, Sophia Bennett. Don’t call us. We’ll call you.


One thought on “Fashion from the back row

  1. OHMIGOSH, lucky!!! i’d give anything to go to London Fashion Week (well, maybe not the new top I bought the other day from TopShop, i practically live in it)!!! Unfortunately, my parents think it is materialistic and silly (but mostly, the chance of getting tickets is not very likely, in fact, about as likely as getting tickets for Glastonbury – they’ve sold out for next year, already!!)

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