Dear Anna

Where to begin?

OK, first of all, if you’re one of those Emma Watson fans (the hits are still coming), have you seen this: Emma Watson launches ethical fashion range with People Tree? Oh, that girl. For a start, she looks gorgeous and normal in the photo. Happy, beautiful, the right age, funky with her black fingernails – everything a snappy would-be fashion blogger could want. And second, she’s heading for sainthood. She’s obviously read the manuscript for Threads 2 and is beating me to it. But I don’t care. Yay for Emma!

Next, this is me at about 3 o’clock this afternoon. I’m in a frenetic office off Regent Street where exquisitely-clad young men and women are madly inviting people to London Fashion Week, and I’m signing 50 advance copies of the INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL hardback of Threads, which has just arrived. It’s the same size as the paperback (for ease of production), so quite small and neat and snug and you just want  to pick it up and give it a cuddle. And everything about it, front and back is perfection. I’ve got my pink LFW highlighter in my hand and I’m writing a dedication to ANNA WINTOUR. HAHAHAHAHA (mad, authorial I-can’t-believe-this-is-really-happening laughter).

That harback cover in full. Happy sigh

That harback cover in full. Happy sigh

Not that Anna is there, waiting to have it placed in her hot little hand, of course. But it will reach her eventually. There are fashion wheels within fashion wheels.


And I’m wondering whether to do the one to Carine Roitfeld (editor of French Vogue. You knew that) in English or French. I went for French and probably spelled it wrong, but hopefully she’ll forgive me when she sees it. HAHAHAHAHA.

There was going to be more. My LFW adventure in Warehouse. My almost-but-not-quite making the opening of Christopher Kane in Topshop. My perfect dress experience in the Matthew Williamson bit of Liberty. My failed attempts to match Barry Cunningham in explaining Threads to a bookish audience. But no time now.

I just have time to stare at the INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECTLY SIZED hardback copy of my book on the mantelpiece before I really have to go to sleep. It’s been a busy few days. And Fashion Week starts shortly and I have a couple of invitations in my bag (HAHAHAHAHA), so I need to do something about the non-designer bags under my eyes.

G’night all.


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