A mean, mean lady



I dunno. I sit here writing about writing and I’ve just had a BOOK come out, and minor stuff like that, but the runaway blog post that’s had the most hits is the piece I did on why I don’t like Emma Watson in the Burberry ads. Love the girl in general. Just not in the ads. Blog readers out there seem fascinated.

I asked a techie friend of mine how to make my blog successful ages ago, and he mentioned several things (most of which I don’t do), but I don’t think he mentioned Emma. Must have escaped his mind. However, if you’re a blogger yourself, you can have it as a free tip from me. Emma means ratings. I doubt the poor girl will ever have a moment’s true privacy again.

But if you’re reading this for more wit and wisdom on the subject of the gorgeous Miss Watson and her wardrobe, I’m sorry. I have much to say on the subject. Were we to meet at a coffee shop, I could go on about it for hours. However, a VERY EXCITING authorial thing has just happened, and I’m going to blog about that instead.

Chicklish have finally published their review of Threads. I say ‘finally’. Chicklish would say – look, you crazy author woman, your book only came out a week ago, what d’you want, blood? But a week is a long time in publishing. When you’re a debut author and have nothing better to do than send your kids back to school and scour the internet for references to your book (oh yeah, you’d do it to, don’t kid yourself) every review-less day that goes by is one of confusion and mild panic.

Did they not like it? Are they trying to phrase the piece as diplomatically as they can to spare my blushes? Did it interest them so little that it kind of drifted down to the bottom of the pile? Etc. Etc. Never live with an author. Especially during launch week. If I dare try and tell my husband what my Amazon ranking is, he threatens to leave the room.

But today it appeared. Written by Carly Bennett. No relation, but you’d really think she was my sister, she was so nice. I’m going to print it out and have it framed above my desk, or something (alongside Amanda Craig’s – also no relation, but also a very discerning book critic, I find).

She says I’m a mean, mean lady for making her cry at the ‘if you’ve read the book you’ll know which bit’ bit. I think she’s a lovely lovely person for liking my book so much.

Thank you, Carly. You’ve made a mad, launch-obsessed author very happy.

Oh, and I finished the rewrites of book 2 yesterday and got it off to my editor. Contented sigh.

Oh, and I just did a fashion Q&A for The Times. I’d blog about that, too, but I still can’t quite believe it really happened. See? Launch week. Crazy time.


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