Today I am mostly …

OK, this is my day.

Try and find elder son’s school uniform. He goes back tomorrow and most of his shirts are missing. We’ll wing it. We’ll be fine.

Meet up and coming fashion designer, Tanielle Lobo, who’s helping me with my slot at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. As you do.

Go to cafe next door to cafe where I met Tanielle. (I need the variety). Fix thing in book 2.

Unfix thing in book 2. It was better before.

Surf Amazon, Twitter and the usual stuff. Write this blog.

Go to son’s pre-school picinic.

(This is where it gets interesting – apart from the Tanielle Lobo bit, which already was) …

Go home and get changed into VIVIENNE WESTWOOD and LOUBOUTINS. (Actually VW and flats with Louboutins in bag. Louboutins and South West Trains probably don’t mix, I’m thinking.)

Go to Piccadilly. Pop into Hatchards and beg them to let me sign copies of my book.

Go to book launch by established author I know who’s book is several hundred places above mine on Amazon. Reassure myself that he’s an established author and nobody’s heard of me. Yet. And I’m the one in Louboutins. He’s a Brigadier, so he’d probably look a bit daft in Louboutins. I don’t know, though …

Try and meet Erica Wagner (literary editor of The Times). She’s led the life I’ve dreamed of from school (St Pauls) and university (Cambridge – actually I did go there, but not first time) through Malcolm Bradbury’s creative writing MA at East Anglia to learned tomes on Ted Hughes and her current job. And apparently she’s very nice. I’m hoping to corral her into a corner and have a FASCINATING conversation with her about books for boys (hers is nine, mine is eight). She’ll love it, I’m sure.

Come home. Do ironing.

Perfect day, no?



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