Ten reasons why A Few Good Men is a top 10 movie of all time

  1. Demi Moore is more interested in the law and justice than her own lipstick/hairstyle/Tom Cruise’s marital status
  2. Nevertheless, la Moore’s hair is GREAT and her bum looks not at all bad in a naval litigator’s white pencil skirt. (But Tom Cruise doesn’t spend the whole movie noticing this – see above)
  3. EVERYBODY is in it. EVERYBODY. Kevin Bacon, of course. Keifer Sutherland, naturally. But Christopher Guest, I tell you! Christopher Guest from Spinal Tap and EVERYTHING. If you ever want to play the Kevin Bacon game, this is your core movie
  4. It’s really good all the way through. Not just the Jack Nicholson shouty bit at the end and TC going ‘Crystal’, but right from the beginning and even the middle bits. We stayed up so late and we didn’t really want to, but we just couldn’t help it
  5. If America had actually had a few good men after the Abu Ghraib disaster (EXACTLY the same story – EXACTLY, except without the Jack Nicholson confession at the end) then Lindy England wouldn’t be the only (extremely junior) name we associate with it and the West would take casual torture of prisoners and moral brainwashing of troops more seriously. Not that I get really HET UP about this, obviously
  6. Tom Cruise is supposed to be playing an insufferably smug people-pleaser, so it’s OK
  7. It’s complicated! You actually have to think about what the right answer should be. Hooray!
  8. Aaron Sorkin
  9. Aaron Sorkin (see above)
  10. It’s a courtroom drama. Love courtroom dramas. With cute white uniforms. What’s not to love?

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