Material girl

Angela Thurston printed silk

Angela Thurston

My last post may have given the impression that the recent break in proceedings was down to diligent editing of book 2. This is partly true, but not the whole story.

I have, for example, been up to Colchester for a fitting of a printed pink silk DRESS THAT’S NAMED AFTER ME. This is what happens when you meet people at Graduate Fashion Week – such as the fabulous Angela Thurston – and fall in love with their clothes. I will be wearing it (and golly, it’s lovely) with my LOUBOUTINS at my LAUNCH PARTY. Sigh sigh happy sigh.

Angela has been recommending other fashion friends to me. One of these is Sophie Gittins, who makes gorgeous, gorgeous shoes. And if I didn’t already have a pair of LOUBOUTINS (did I mention that already?), and hadn’t just spent all our money on a new bedroom and shed, I’d be ordering some directly.

Taylor Swift does lacy

Then there’s Bliss. Every now and again, just to check that my inner teenager is on track, I pick up a Bliss or a Sugar. And my inner teenager – in fact even my inner mother-of-four-er – is in love with Taylor Swift. In a crush sort of way. The hair, the eyes, the beautiful dresses, the never-a-bad-word wholesomeness, the sheer, gobsmacking talent. Love it all.

Which brings me to LOVE magazine. Loved the first LOVE (see older posts) and love the new LOVE, but not, I have to admit, quite so much. It’s all about youth, and as I’ve just written – and am still writing – a book about youth and fashion, it’s a teeny bit close to home. It’s also PACKED with advertising. You’ve seen a whole magazine’s worth of shoes and handbags before you even get to the contents page. Very gorgeous and whoever’s running the budget must be a VERY happy girl, but it was a bit like eating four eclairs in a row:  yummy, but possibly ever so slightly too fabulous? Is it possible to admit that I enjoyed Bliss marginally more?

When not being a fashion icon myself, of course, in my new FitFlops, as bought for me by Perfect Husband, who seems to have forgotten about the shed. 031_pistachio_2How on trend am I? (Actually, that’s a genuine question. Does anyone know or care about FitFlops at the moment? No idea, but they are AMAZING.) You walk around, with your feet looking good, and next thing you know, your calves are hurting like you’ve just done a major workout. Loving the shoes.

Which balance out my new discovery that I need glasses. Finally. I’ve been expecting it for years, but the moment has finally come. I was squinting at a Meg Cabot a couple of days ago and my husband lent me his reading glasses and suddenly the world looked better. I would mind, but this now gives me an excuse to choose funky new reading glasses. Yay!

The orange skirt. Yes!

The orange skirt. Yes!

And we’ve all been wondering about Cheryl vs Dannii, obviously. I mean, Cheryl’s going to win, we know that. But the question is, how? And by how much? So far, loving the orange skirt/purple shirt combo. But Daanii’s asymmetric white silk belted dress was very classy. Dannii looks good with one shoulder and if she susses this out and works it, Cheryl could have her work cut out. Can’t wait. And if there’s another act as amazing as Danyl Johnson (am I the ONLY person who can spell his name?), we have lots of actual contestant fun in store, too.

And what about news on Threads, some of you may be wondering. Well, my lovely stepdaughters put a link to the website ( on Facebook, which has somehow led to lots of traffic to this blog, and may be responsible for the book reaching a respectable (but still nevertheless five figures) position on Amazon. Must explain to my mother the difference between ‘position on Amazon’ (very high number) and number of copies sold (unknown number, but almost certainly MUCH lower than the other number).

And when I took the stepdaughters to Waterstones, Threads was a 3 for 2. Only very sad authors can get so excited that they take a picture of their book with a 3 for 2 sticker on, but luckily I am such a sad author, and I have it on my phone. I also signed the copies (I begged again, as you do). The woman next to me, who watched me sign them, picked up the top copy, flipped it over and put it back. LOVED that moment. Authorial feet firmly on ground. Actually, on sole of FitFlop, but pretty close.

Final note. The stepdaughters, who are gorgeous, are into Hollister. Which makes them look more gorgeous. This is Hollister the clothing company, I hasten to add, not Hollister the continence care company.  If you have, or are, a teenage girl, you heard it hear first. Well, you probably didn’t hear it here first but you heard it here eventually. Hollister is cool and flattering and not-as-expensive-as-Abercrombie&Fitch. Yay!

So it hasn’t been totally editing book 2, but it’s all what I like to call ‘material’. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.


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