…. no seriously, it IS

Threads in Waterstones

Threads in Waterstones

At some point, the novelty will wear off, but not yet. I was passing Waterstones in Kensington High Street (yes, where Nonie regularly shops and grabs hot chocolates), and snuck in to see if Threads was on the shelves.

And here it is! Two copies. On a regular bookshelf, just like regular books, written by regular authors. I like the fact that a customer has plonked a CorneliaFunke book in among the Bs. Go Barry! Chicken House is doing OK.

I later found a third copy abandoned on another shelf and rescued it. After a certain amount of begging, the nice book lady agreed to let me sign them so I did. Although remembering how to spell my own name under the circumstances was challenging.

AND they’ve sold a copy already. To a regular customer, who wasn’t a member of my family. Wow!

I was passing Waterstones on KHS because I’d just been chatting to Don Black about musicals for book 3, but had to do it snappily because he was expecting a call from SHIRLEY BASSEY. This is my new life.

Don was fabulous. Golly, I like talking to other writers. (Golly, I love writing ‘other writers’, as opposed to just ‘writers’). Don said at one point, ‘This is fine, but couldn’t you just work most of it out for yourself?’ Which is completely true. It’s lovely to talk to someone who understands the power of the imagination. But it was the little details that made all the difference. The names. The key emotional moments. I can’t wait to get it all into some sort of order and start planning the book around it.

But I can’t until I’ve finished book 2 edits, which is what I’m supposed to be doing now. Bye.


One thought on “…. no seriously, it IS

  1. Wow! So how do I purchase a signed copy then Sophia? So good to see, I know what my niece is getting for christmas this year…

    Hope all is well!

    Kate x

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