Today I am mostly …

… A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband got an email from Amazon last night to say ‘Your copy of Threads by Sophia Bennett has BEEN DISPATCHED!’

(They didn’t put it in caps, but they really should have.) And if you go onto the site, it says those magic green words: ‘In stock’. Yay yay yay!

I’m rather confused about the whole 7 September launch date, but it turns out that only JK Rowling and Dan Brown need to worry about embargoes and bookshops opening at midnight. The rest of us just get going when the warehouse is ready, apparently, and are grateful for every copy shipped. Get yours now!

I am ALSO nervous and excited about two interviews I’ll be doing in September/October. With Serious Journalists. What will they ask me? Will I be able to think of anything useful to say? Will I ramble as much as I usually do and talk too fast? And most importantly, WHAT WILL I WEAR?

And ALSO nervous and excited about a possible radio interview. More on that later, if it ever happens. But basically, WOW!

And ALSO completely floored by news about the charity campaign that my lovely publisher is helping to organise. More on that later. I have SO MANY amazing bits of news that I can’t really share. Sorry. This is one of those ‘if you only knew … ‘ blogs. But more actual, factual, useful stuff tomorrow. Or maybe Tuesday.

However, I don’t have time to think about it all much. To the point that I forgot to tell my mother about the interviews for several days. Because the house is completely covered in building dust. Every single surface. Including surfaces I didn’t even know we had. And I have lots of work to do getting the Threads website ready for next week. And I really, really need to get on with the edits of book 2, or my editor will start to think that I’m inefficient, which I would HATE. And I’m talking to an Oscar-winning (and totally charming) lyricist on Thursday, about book 3. And there’s the dress for the cover of book 2. And the dress I’m getting made by the amazing Angela Thurston, whom I met at Graduate Fashion Week (as you do). And the INCREDIBLE HARDBACK COVER (more later …)

My husband says he can see smoke coming out of my brain.

Writing Threads feels long ago and far away. Did I really do it? And what have I let myself in for?

Watch this space.

Check out the Jacqueline Wilson quote. She really said that!

Check out the Jacqueline Wilson quote. She really said that!


5 thoughts on “Today I am mostly …

  1. Just think… This time last year you were writing Threads and probably thinking about entering it for the Times/CH competition. If someone had told you then what would happen, I bet you wouldn’t have believed them.

    It’s bloody brilliant. But it must also be a bit scary.

  2. Oh, thank you!!!!

    And yes, it’s brilliant.

    And yes, it’s scary.

    My poor girls! I hope they’re going to be OK out there …

    (And this time last year, I STILL couldn’t remember what the’ competition was called, so I was writing in a total vacuum. Even my husband hadn’t read a word …)

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