Not writing, but shopping

First, it wasn’t my credit card, it was my mother’s, so that’s OK (I think.)

Today was one of those few non-writing days that was nearly perfect despite the fact that my characters didn’t get to have any fun.

Before I describe it (actually, I’m not going to describe it, I’m merely going to give a synopsis but I’ll explain why later), I s’pose I should point out that if you’re looking for nearly perfect days, try Aprilynne Pike at the moment. THOSE are nearly perfect days. Like when DISNEY options your book as the next vehicle for MILEY CYRUS, who LOVES it, and you’re BACK on the NYT bestseller list (from which you briefly, but only briefly dropped). Aprilynne Pike is blogging – in exquisite detail, bless her – about every author’s dream and I suspect I’m not the only person lovin’ it.

However, for those of us whose books aren’t OUT yet, and who haven’t heard from Disney, and who strongly believe that Miley Cyrus doesn’t know us from a hole in the ground (and actually, I wouldn’t mind Selina Gomez, but that’s another story), today was a pretty damn good close second.

Got up early. Felt virtuous. Got hair cut by theonlywomaninLondonwhounderstandsmyhar. Met up with mother. I get on very well with my mother, who totally got me into reading and writing, among many other passions, so this is a Good Thing, not a Bad Thing. Went to designer shop. Bought suit (mother bought it as Incredible Birthday Present). Went to shoe shop. Bought shoes (mother bought them as Incredible Birthday Present). Had lunch. Did other shopping stuff. Came home. Got email from agent with TWO pieces of extremely good news. (No, not Disney optioning the film rights, but nevertheless good.) Ended up in giggle fight with sons on the bed, which involved them both lifting up the duvet and screaming in fake terror at each other and me. Had supper cooked for me by perfect husband. Da daaaaaah!

I could go into detail and mention which designer shop and which shoe shop and what news, exactly, but if I did, I’m afraid your head would explode with sheer amazement, and that would be irresponsible of me.

Just check out any photos of me in the autumn, and if I’m in a Suit, or Shoes, you’ll know they came from the almost perfect day.

And if Selina Gomez is interested, so am I.


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