This is me in my head

On the Street, the High School Student, Florence

Florencegirl - The Sartorialist

On a day like today, when it’s warm and sunny and my husband and First Critic has just told me he really likes book 2 and it’s not an abject failure after all, and I’m off to Central St Martins to look at their degree show FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES, this is how I feel in my head.

Needless to say, I don’t look like this. Not a high school student. Not stunning and super-chic. Not wearing a cool dress and perfect accessories. Not standing in the perfect light in front of the Baptistry in Florence (but note, I do at least know it’s the Baptistry in Florence, so I get a couple of marks for cultural know-it-all-ism).

Scott Schuman, who writes The SartoriaList blog and takes the incredible photos, is a fashion genius and his blog is the first place I go to if I want to find out what the coolest people in the world are wearing. They’re almost never celebrities, almost never in head to toe designer, almost never dressed specifically to have their photo taken, often pictured in unpredictable places like Argentina or Sydney or Florence, always gobsmackingly fabulous to look at.

This girl is one of the best. Last time I checked, there were 178 comments saying how good she looked. Mine was the 171st. As I say, in my head I am totally her.

In real life, I’m wearing a Cacharel summer dress I bought in Liberty 22 years ago, which was one of my big fashion purchases and which I’m wearing for the final time in honour of that moment, despite the fact that IT DOESN’T SUIT ME IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER and is responsible for the worst tanlines of my life. It’s a lesson in how short, curvy women should not do high-necked, big flower, backless halterneck dresses with swirly fifties skirts. I look like a dwarf in a tent, but at least it’s a Cacharel tent, and it’s actually very comfy. I’m enjoying the moment before it goes to the charity shop tomorrow and I look for Florence girl’s dress in the shops – or the closest thing I can get to it. And Florence girl’s shoes. And Florence girl’s lighting.



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