Some day my prints will come

Leah Weller in Angela Thurston, picture by Mary McCartney

Leah Weller in Angela Thurston, picture by Mary McCartney

I know. Old joke. Less relevant now photography’s gone digital. Still like it, though.

But actually, the prints in question aren’t on photo paper, they’re on silk.

Here’s the story.

Last week I went to a book launch event thing and, as meeting writers and readers always puts me in a happy mood, I floated down Piccadilly on the way home, where I read an article about Graduate Fashion Week. It featured Paul Weller’s daughter Leah, who is GORGEOUS. Not ‘my father is a famous super-cool singer so lets overlook the chubby thighs/dodgy squint/spots’ gorgeous, but GORGEOUS. I think this is technically known in the trade as ‘it’s not fair’ gorgeous.

Anyway, she wore a lot of stuff that was going to feature in Graduate Fashion Week and it was all amazingly good. But best of all was a print dress by Angela Thurston of Colchester School of Art and Design, which was bold and colourful and graceful and happy. Just looking at this dress on gorgeous-girl put me in an even better mood.

And today I went to GFW (it’s GFW to us fashion types, darling) to do ‘research’. Isn’t my job just incredible? And hanging on a rail at the front of a long line of fabulous clothes, was ‘my’ dress from the magazine article. And I sort of jokingly said to the girl manning the desk that if I could (ie if it wasn’t somebody’s degree project) I’d buy it.

Next thing I know, I’m chatting to Angela Thurston, who is – naturally – lovely. Nobody who designs prints that happy could be anything but lovely. And I was saying ‘I’ve got a book coming out’ (I say it a lot at the moment. Never wears off. I even showed her a copy of it that I had in my bag. I am THAT SAD) and ‘if I could choose the perfect thing to wear at book readings it would be a dress like yours’. And SHE was saying ‘well, we could always customise the print. And are you happy with this shape?’

And so basically, I’m going to blow some of the royalties (please buy my book) on a dress I saw in a magazine that ISN’T IN THE SHOPS. And get to know a lovely textile designer in the process.


Very, very cool.

Which reminds me. Must do some more writing. The End.

P.S. Oh, and the very first single I ever bought (when Mummy and Daddy were young, they had little vinyl things called singles and iTunes didn’t exist, darling. Yes, really) was Start, by The Jam. So this dress was meant to be mine. Obviously. Really The End.


One thought on “Some day my prints will come

  1. I thought you said you were working today! I am so going with you next year. All sounds fabulous (…dahling) and of course another lovely post. xxxxxxxx

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