The jacket has landed

My jacket

My jacket

The person who always ends up telling me the latest installments of my book’s journey into the real world is Justine Windsor.

How she does it, I don’t know, because I’m not averse to googling myself and desperately trying to find out whether ANYTHING HAS HAPPENED RECENTLY, but somehow I always manage to miss any developments, and Justine always manages to spot them. So thank you, Justine. I now know that I HAVE A PICTURE ON AMAZON.

Hmmm, I’m not sure I really captured the full flavour of it there. Let’s try again.


My story is a real, live book with a cover*, and no longer just an ‘image not available’. Oh, and by the way, the cover mentions Jacqueline Wilson, who was really nice about the book.

Hmmm. Let’s try again.


It’s normal at this point for debut authors (see eg Sarwat Chadda and Aprilynne Pike) to point out that they have entered a parallel universe and this isn’t really happening and they’re just waiting for someone to point out the incredibly funny joke that’s been played on them. This is because that’s what it feels like.

It’s the same feeling I got talking to a senior librarian and a senior children’s book club organiser last night (were there any junior people there? No idea), and they’d heard of Threads and were looking forward to reading it. And the Waterstones book buyer was in the middle of it. And the chair of the event was SO NICE about the book that I am now jibbering with terror that book 2 will never be able to live up to expectations.

So I’m in the weird limbo (getting used to limbo) where the book isn’t printed, it isn’t out, there are almost no reviews yet, I have no idea what the general public will think, but people are starting to meet me and go ‘oh yes, you‘. And talking confidently about things that might happen after the book is launched, but probably won’t, which means I have to spend a lot of the conversation going ‘la la la la la not listening don’t believe you’ in my head so I don’t turn into Susan Boyle and end up spending all the royalties on The Priory. Very strange. Easy solution, though. Don’t go to book events. Stay in the library, writing, and keep your head down.

Meanwhile, Threads is gradually becoming an artefact. That is totally thrilling. I love the fact that it’s out of my hands. There is nothing I can do. Nothing I want to do. It’s taking on a life of its own and soon other people will be telling me what it’s about. That’s my name on the cover, just above DAME JACKIE WILSON’S.

Oh. My. God.

*Cover? Jacket? What exactly is it I have? No idea. If there’s a ‘Publishing For Dummies’ book out there, can somebody please let me know?


2 thoughts on “The jacket has landed

  1. Hello Sophia
    Congrats on your success. I was wondering if you’d like to be interviewed for my blog?
    I have other interviews on there including Sarwat’s. He was my first, so to speak. 🙂

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