One, a hundred, a million

One: my first review is out! On the Waterstone’s website. Only four stars (tragic), but packed with lovely five-star adjectives to make an author very happy.

A hundred: days till the book is published. According to the Waterstone’s website. Where my first review is out (see above).

A million: my approximate position on To be precise, it’s 1,093,089. So I’m guessing the only way is up.

Other stuff …

The publishers have found a chapter they like from book 2 to go in the back of book 1. So I feel as if the characters are growing up in front of my eyes.

The garden is looking magnificent (in a small but perfectly formed way) in the sunshine, especially with all the family ranged around it, eating ice creams and teasing each other.

The weekend we happen to need to buy new bathroom stuff happens to be the weekend (are you following me here?) when it’s on sale half price.

Somebody up there loves me. Thank you, Somebody.


One thought on “One, a hundred, a million

  1. I just looked you up on Amazon.

    You have a cover! It’s gorgeous! And a blurb! From Jaqueline Wilson!


    I am so not jealous. No. Not at all.

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