Chickens bearing gifts



I am really hoping something.

I’m hoping that when my publisher has tried really, really hard to do the best by my book and make people excited about it, the people in question (big book trade people, not sure who exactly, but I’m assuming critics and book buyers and people) will think ‘Yippee, this book looks fun; love the wrapping; how lovely’. Not ‘Oh, right, no book is ever EVER going to live up to this build-up; what can I find to be disappointed by?’

Of course, if I have to choose between a publisher who puts my copy proof (???? still working on terminology here) in a pink box and wraps it with a blue ribbon and one who can’t quite remember who I am, I pick the pink box people every time. I love them to bits and I’m very happy to be a part of their world.

But a pink box means Expectations. A blue ribbon is abutting the borders of Hype.

Help! it’s a little fashion fairy tale for teenagers. Be nice to it, everyone. Treat it gently. It simply wants to give you a warm glow of happiness. And you can use the box for Keeping Things In. And recycle the ribbon for presents. How fabulous is that?


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