The sign of the feather

Matthew Williamson's first show - the cardi

Matthew Williamson's first show - the cardi

Some things are meant to be.

I blogged here a while ago about my favourite fashion moments. One of them was Matthew Williamson’s first show, when he got his mates to model and they included Jade Jagger and Kate Moss, and he dressed them in rainbow-bright colours with cheeky cardigans and their hair in unusual oversized buns.

I’ll always remember the photos of Kate, hair up, dress v sexy, bright turquoise cardigan v cute, looking like a girl who’d just found a fabulous new best friend in this amazing designer.

So now he does a high street collection for H&M. Something I’m researching at the moment, so taking an interest is actually work, as well as immense pleasure. Despite living in London, I know for a fact that everything will sell out in the first hour to people with sharper elbows than me, and probably big accounts on ebay, so I don’t even bother to go.

But on Saturday, I’m shopping in town with my younger stepdaughter and we happen to be in Oxford Circus and we go into the wrong H&M store (the one that doesn’t do children’s clothes), and there is a rack with about 4 MW items on it – the things that didn’t sell or got returned, I assume.

And one of them is his signature bright pink cardigan, with his signature peacock feather on it. The only one left. In my size. Stepdaughter says buy it, so I buy it. And there it is, in my wardrobe, a piece of fashion memorabilia that I won’t bother to add to the massive number of pieces already marked down for various children in my will, because by then it will be overused, holey, bobbled and unwearable.

It fits, it goes with nearly everything, it’s beautifully made, it wasn’t that expensive and the detailing (dah-ling) is an instant pick-me-up: pink sparkly buttons and tiny beads on the feather, which extends across the upper shoulder.

Clever Matthew. You really can have a dream, and make it, and sell it, and make other people happy with it.

Especially when they don’t have to fork out a fortune on ebay to get their hands on it.


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