My other bag is a Fendi

I was on Twitter, looking up the London Book Fair (which I’m not at, but will be going to a bit of later, see passim) when I finally decided to check out Stephen Fry.


His tweets make almost no sense at all until you see what he’s replying to. It’s what people send him and how he reacts that makes the whole thing so compulsive. I was on for five minutes and I’m already more wired, hooked up and tuned in than I’ve ever been.

One thing he was touched by was a tee-shirt that says ‘Stephen Fry is my friend, no seriously’, with the Twitter logo. If you tweet, it’s funny, trust me. They also point out, on the shopping site (shoptdeadinthehead), that “No, he won’t have a clue who you are in real life. No, not even if you do a Blackadder impression…”, which is fair enough.

But on that page – oh joy of the internet – they were advertising another of their products. It’s a pure Anya Hinmarch ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ (my younger stepdaughter has one I AM SOOO JEALOUS) take-off, which is quite funny in itself, and it says ‘My other bag is a Fendi’. It’s one of those if-I-have-to-explain-it-you-won’t-get-it moments, but it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen. Sheer genius. I’d put up a picture, but for once the internet fails me and it won’t let me. Here’s a link: ‘My other bag is a Fendi‘.

Now back to Stephen Fry, my new best friend. Well, technically my leader, I suppose, because I’m about to be a follower. Soooo many more excuses not to write the novel. Except it’s still going pretty well and shortly I will return to it, to extricate my characters from one tricky situation and dump them into the next one.

Then I might try Ashton Kutcher. It’s a Twitter thing.


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