Feeling like an Amazon

It was actually about 11 months ago that I started writing Threads. It wasn’t called that then. It was called Crow and it was to go through 17 drafts before it started being narrated by Nonie Chatham, and another 17 after she got in on the act. Two of those 11 months were spent doing very little, waiting for various things to happen so I knew where to go with book 2. Or rather, where to start from.

And yesterday, I found Threads listed on Amazon, with its own ISBN number and everything.

You can’t buy it yet, of course, and the cover isn’t up, but there it is: the book’s name and mine, and a price, and a number of pages, and a publisher and a publication date.

Oh, as Nonie would say. My. God.

Not, I hasten to say, that I search Amazon every day looking for myself. Although I’m not promising I won’t in future. If Narcissus were around today he wouldn’t be by a pool – unless it had wifi. He’d be on the internet, googling himself.

I doubt I’m the very first author to think of it. Actually, I didn’t think of it at all until somebody else tried it. They didn’t have any luck but a couple of days later I thought I’d try again, out of curiosity.

New resolution: do not search on Amazon every thirty minutes, waiting to see a picture of the book cover. Write book 2 instead.

I might just try again tomorrow, though. Just once. Just in case. Or possibly this afternoon.


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