What happened next

Two interesting things happened.

First, I managed to write another chapter of the book after all. A key scene, too, that needed lots of pace and dialogue and concentration and sensitivity. Cool.

Second, Barry didn’t call. He emailed. With an offer. And a hint of an offer for the third.

So that’s all right then.

Back to work.

I might just celebrate with a decaf cappuccino, though, first.


One thought on “What happened next

  1. Gosh, things have really moved on for you. How fabulous! Do you really need an agent, you seem to be doing pretty well on your own. Actually, do you want to be my agent?!

    I visited Top Shop in Oxford Street today. I realised I am far too old to wear anything stocked. I couldn’t even find a pair of jeans in my not exactly massive size (if I was W24 L36 I’d be fine!).

    *Sigh*. Where does a mature woman on a budget find clothes that don’t make her look like a maiden aunt or mutton dressed as lamb cutlet?

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