Fashion overload


Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Turns out, it’s possible.

Perhaps it’s the fashion equivalent of firing atoms at each other in the Hadron Collider. When Michelle Obama met Carla Bruni-Sarkosi in Strasbourg in the G20 aftermath, the minute-by-minute analysis of their similar pussy-bow coats went into overdrive and guess what? Readers flocked to comment that …. THEY DIDN’T CARE.

One pretty, intelligent lady married to a world leader who knows her way round a closet can be pretty interesting. But that pretty lady squared? TOO MUCH INFORMATION. It was perhaps hard to predict, but when you put those two clothes-horses together what the woman in the street actually notices (to continue with an analogy that’s about to go pear-shaped) is the horse, not the clothes.

Carla is multi-lingual, a songstress, a poetess, an AIDS rights campaigner, a woman with A Past. Michelle is a high flying lawyer-administrator yada yada yada. Both are unmistakably gorgeous. To the point that, even when they opt for Dior and Thakoon with elasticated mesh and reverse jacquard print, it’s not the clothes that matter. It’s the rather encouraging possibility that these two cultured, sophisticated, thoughtful, philanthropic women might encourage their very-much-in-love husbands to actually DO stuff like end world hunger, or address health issues in Africa and at home. And yes, we love it when they do it in sequins and pearls and showing off their twenty-first century shoulders. But that turns out to be a secondary consideration.

Who knew?


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