Oh, Michelle

Michelle, Michelle

There are people who say (whisper it) that you are a working woman with a personality and a career and you shouldn’t have to worry about what you wear. It’s beneath you, they assert, forcefully. You never signed up to be a clothes horse for the American fashion industry. In fact, they have co-opted you as a work-horse for the American equality industry, and they want you to look like you mean business – any business but the fashionable kind.

Luckily for the rest of us, you’re a lady who looks good in a frock, and knows it, and works it. Hooray! You understand the whole creating-a- market-for-rising-stars thing and you’re not above helping some of them out, and looking great in the process.

Besides, no-one, to my knowledge, has accused your husband of dressing too well or looking too great. He’s allowed to set trends (tielessness, weirdly, being one of them, which is odd because he’s rarely seen without one, unless in the surf at Waikiki). You need to keep up and, fortunately, you do.

So there you were, hosting the first White House black-tie dinner of the presidency, and what did you do? You chose Peter Soronen, who made his debut at NYFW last month. So that’s him sorted, then. You chose full-length sequins. Not an easy look unless you have Serious Hair and a bod to die for. And you glammed it up/toned it down with about ten strands of pearls/beads (hard to tell from the tiny photo inGrazia) to look AMAZING.

Different. Confident. Not Jackie. Not Nancy. Not a take-off of any current red carpet cutie. Your own woman. The one with the best shoulders in Washington.

We’re still saluting you, girl. Our arms are hurting. We know you’re a super-clever lawyer-hospital-administrator person and loving mom with puppies to worry about. We realise that you’re a supportive and loving wife. We adore the fact that , despite all this, you’re not scared to go out in sequins and do a bit of modelling for the cause.

Sarah Brown, take note. You may support the British fashion industry to the hilt in private, but you’re a bit too nervous to go out there and sit on a front row and work it. Have you any IDEA how good you’d look in Vivienne Westwood? Or what a partnership with Jonathan Saunders might do for your wardrobe?

We’re only telling you to be kind. You’ll thank yourself. Promise. And we’ll thank you too.


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