Little grey dress

That age-old problem: what to wear for a photo shoot that’ll appear in the national press?

Can a 42 year-old mother-of-four get away with the little grey mini-dress she got in Topshop last month, accessorised with black tights and patent lace-ups? Or should she play it safe and do the white silk shirt and skinny jeans? Should she go for timeless chic, or what she actually feels like wearing on the day, which will date in about four nanoseconds and would probably look better on her 14 year-old stepdaughter?

OK, everything looks better on the 14 year-old stepdaughter. Pointless to bring that into the equation. If I used that argument every time I’d end up going out in a shroud.

As for the chic thing, I’d normally play it safe and wear the shirt, but the article will be fashion-related and I should probably look as if I have a clue. Besides, Mary Portas does it. Jane Bruton does it. They manage to look like confident, stylish women and not old ladies who forgot to wear slacks.

I’m putting all my trust in the photographer. Flattering angles, stylish poses. All the stuff I normally get wrong. And a last-minute blow-dry.


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